What are the best online gambling sites?


We believe that most of you have already tried to play online games at least once in your life. However, finding the best online gambling site is not that easy as one can imagine; there are plenty of websites that look fancy and have lots of games, but once you sign in and start gambling, quickly it shows up that it the site is nothing more than a fake image of what good online casino should look like. The things are much harder for US residents because there are certain limits in the usage of the gambling sites.

Our main goal here is quite simple; we want to make sure that you are having good online gambling experience on the Internet and spending some quality time while playing. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a dedicated gambler, if you are looking for a site to play, then you are not going to be disappointed with the ones that are mentioned here.

Best gambling sites

Online gambling sites to winFirstly, when you are looking for a good gambling site, it is important to look for the overview and rankings. When you are searching for the top-ranked gambling sites and the best options each has, you have to look for the depositing and withdrawal methods and the chances of winning. It is important to know whether the sites are for real money or just for fun and demo users. Last, but not least, always pay attention to the safety of the website, because there are plenty of unsafe ones, and it’s for sure the last thing you want.

Why is this important?

Many of you are probably aware of the fact that gambling is not only about the game itself, but also the place where one is gambling – especially if it’s on the Internet. We know that “Viva Las Vegas” is the best option ever. Who wouldn’t like to go there and have the time of their lives?! However, when it comes to Internet gambling and quality gambling experience, things are much harder for US residents because there are certain limits in the usage of the gambling sites. For now, reliable online casinos are officially legal only in Delaware, Nevada, New York, and New Jersey. Therefore, we are going to write about a couple of most recommended sites in the US, according to Internet sources and the user experience. Remember, the main points of this research were the safety, and the site offers, including the payouts, payment methods, and the accessibility.

Bovada online casino

Here is one of the most popular online casinos in the U.S, according to Internet sources. This website gained the most trust among the U.S residents. There is a list of the legitimate and safe gambling sites for 2018, which means we are delivering some fresh news over here. Bovada was established in 2009, and it is licensed in Canada. This U.S friendly gambling site supports RTG, Rival, and Betsoft. Apart from that, it has a mobile version as well. Besides the U.S, it is available in Mexico and Brazil.

    • Bovada is a part of the “Bodog family” – one of the first gambling sites dating back to 1990. On the Bovada website, you can play sports, poker, and casino games. This gambling site has facilities like customer support that is available 24/7, seasonal promotions and you can enter the site on the mobile devices/tablets.
    • Bovada has recently started accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as their primary deposit method – this is quite appealing for all Bitcoin owners, especially when here, Bitcoin users can claim a 150% bonus up to $1,500 redeemable 3 times for a total of $5,000 free. In addition, here you can deposit with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards. Regarding the withdrawal option, players receive their winnings within 24 hours and on the same day quite often. Banking options are safe and reliable which makes the Bovada one of the most secure U.S friendly gambling sites.
    • The site has encryption systems such as the ones in the banking systems that are providing a safe transaction and data protection. Also, the game has reliable and regularly checked software; it can be downloaded or you can go for an instant-play in your browser.
    • Notice: Although Bovada is one of the top-ranked and most recommended sites for U.S gamblers, it recently had the licensing issues; if you want to use this site, you should be aware of that. You are fully responsible for the depositing and withdrawal options along with the legal authorization and your personal details.

Ignition online casino

The Ignition casino, next to the Bovada, stands to be the most trusted gambling site. Licensed in Canada, established in 2016, and available only for the U.S citizens, the site is more than suitable for all of you who are struggling to find the website on which you can feel secure and enjoy playing in the same time.

Ignition Casino is:

  • Mobile friendly
  • Part of the Bodog Group
  • accepting Bitcoin and credit cards
  • paying with no exception
  • safe and trustworthy

All that we could find about this gambling site are the positive remarks about the legitimacy and safety. Lucky for all of you, it is entirely legitimate, it has the software from Rival Powered and RealTime Gaming, and both companies have their games and software audited by independent, third-party companies several times each year. Two most prominent and popular companies for casino games are putting their trust in this casino. Does that sound reliable? To us, it does!

The biggest reputation that this gambling site has is because of their safe and quick withdrawals. They seem to be very reliable considering the payout methods, and that is, for sure, the most important thing about a casino. Besides, it has a growing reputation because of the Bodog partnership and RTG software.

They have several built-in security features that are used in the software to help with detecting suspicious patterns that could indicate that your account has been hazarded. This can help you to keep your funds from being stolen by people who might take your name and password.

  • Notice: Although the site has good reviews concerning safety, keep in mind that you should always be careful when you are gambling online even when the website looks safe and regulated.


Taking everything into consideration, the problem with the legalization in the US is a huge problem for the residents there. It all began with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, and that makes transactions associated with online gaming completely illegal for banks. That means, the players can make a transaction, but it is forbidden for the banks to help you with the depositing and withdrawal. However, every cloud has a silver lining, the online gambling in the US is not officially illegal, but the financial transactions for them are. We advise you to try the suggested websites, but cautiously.

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