The Meaning and Definition of Gambling

Dictionary Definitions: Gambling and Gambler

What does gambling mean? What are the definitions for “gambling”? What is a  gambler?

Research has shown that many people are unfamiliar with the meaning and what it really implies to gamble. In reality, the concept is simple to understand.

We looked through many of the most popular dictionaries and came up with a simple explanation for you. What Is the Meaning of the word “Gambling”?

If you are wondering about the meaning of “gambling” (ˈɡæmblɪŋ), many of the notable English dictionaries generally include two separate definitions.

  • One of those is strictly related to gambling games, games of chance, as well as other types of games where you play to win money or other types of stakes. When you bet money and play according to the game rules, you can win more than you invested. That way, you participate in a gambling activity and play games of chance for money.
  • The other, more metaphorical meaning entails taking action while risking an enormous loss in order to gain something but acting carelessly. For example, if you are ill but refuse to go to the doctor’s, you are gambling, in this case, with your health or even life.

Let us see the first meaning and describe the act of gambling in more detail.

Gambling means playing games for money. When you play roulette, you can place bets on numbers on a roulette table. If the roulette ball lands on the numbers you picked, you will win. Gambling games are usually found in places called casinos.

However, gambling is so much more than that. Since it’s a risky activity in terms of losing personal funds, it offers a specific kind of thrill that is rarely matched with any other activity. Gambling can be a stimulating social activity. Millions of gamblers visit casinos together and have fun, eat, drink, and enjoy each other’s company while playing some thrilling games.

gambling and gambler

What’s a Gambler?

A gambler is someone who takes part in the activity of gambling. A man or woman who gambles is someone who will take a risk by betting money at a casino game like high-stakes poker in order to win big.

Games like poker have their own rules. If a gambler gets the strongest combination of cards according to the rules of the game that player will win the amount that all other gamblers wagered during that turn.

Apart from gambling businesses (casinos), sporting events like horse races are also places which attract gamblers. Sports betting is very popular among gamblers.

Gamblers can be mostly divided into:

  • High rollers: people who spend a lot of money gambling for high stakes.
  • Pro players: people who earn a living with gambling.
  • Average gamblers: people who play with low bets or just for the fun of it all


We hope you enjoyed our definitions! If you are interested in gambling, you can actually try some casino games online and play for a chance to win some prizes! Have fun!

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