What Slot Machines Online Pay in Real Money

Slot Machines Online Pay

Picture this — you’re entering a casino for the first time in your life. Once you step onto the casino floor, you’re bombarded with a cacophony of sights and sounds. It’s all extremely bright, shiny, inviting; but also quite complicated. If you’ve never played a casino game before, it may even be too much for you. Getting the hang of all those rules can be tough, especially if you want to play for real money. But that’s where slots come in!

What we’re trying to say here is — there’s no game better for a gambling newbie than the good old classic slots. First and foremost, you have absolutely no learning curve to deal with. The gameplay here is simple enough for basically anyone to grasp. All you need to start playing video slots is a bunch of coins, and a desire to win big! And the beauty of it is, slots are a fun game even for casino veterans, who’ve seen it all. After a while of playing something more complicated like Blackjack or video poker, you might want to unwind. This simplistic game is perfect for that!

Playing Online Is the Way to Go

But these days, you don’t have to go out of your way to play real money slots. In the age of the Internet, even the most serious slot players don’t have to get off their couch to spin the reels! You still have plenty of real money casinos online and these contain a greater variety of slots than you could find in any land-based casino. Plus, most of these have apps for smartphones as well. Indeed, playing a quick round of slots on the go has never been easier. But with that in mind — where exactly should you play slots for real money online?

Avoid Rogue Casinos

Avoid Rogue Casinos

As you’ll see once you start dabbling in online gambling, there are more online casinos than you could possibly fathom. But still, you will find that not all of them are worth your time and money; emphasis on the money!

While there are plenty of legitimate casinos that operate on fair principles, there is an equal amount of so-called ‘rogue casinos’. These are establishments that definitely don’t have the interests of their players at heart. They use illegitimate (and sometimes illegal) practices to basically scam players out of their money. So, how do you recognize them?

When you’re choosing the best casino to play at, take a good hard look at their payout policies. Generally, they have more limited payment methods than legitimate casinos. But that’s not all; they also go out of their way to prolong the payout process, sometimes indefinitely. Bearing that in mind, take your time to do a little online research before making a deposit anywhere. If many players complain about a casino’s payouts online, that’s something to look out for. Only play online slot machines in thoroughly vetted places, where you know that you’re dealing with an honest business establishment.

Also, one of the benefits of playing online casino games is the plethora of bonuses you have available. So, pick a casino that gives you the best options in this regard. There are many great casinos that will give you a great deposit bonus once you register, and free spin bonuses with low wagering requirements too. There’s no reason not to make use of that! But we do recommend staying away from progressive jackpot games, as these are almost never worth your while.

Picking a Specific Slot

Naturally, even once you’ve settled on a casino, you still have to choose a particular slot to play. Most slots have basically the same gameplay, regardless of whether you’re playing free slots or for real money. But regardless of that, you still have a few different factors to keep in mind before picking one specific slot.

First of all, find out what its Return to Player value is. This may be a bit hard to wrap your head around, but bear with us. Namely, the Return to Player shows what percentage of all wagers the game will return to its players over the slot’s lifespan. Remember — this may not have any impact on any one particular round. But if you choose a slot with a low RTP, you have theoretically low odds in the long run. So, choose only slots with an RTP that goes over 90%.

Apart from that, you need to watch out for volatility. This is a value that represents how often the players will hit a winning combination on slots, and how high the winnings will be. A low volatility slot will give out winnings more often, but they’ll be smaller — and vice versa. There’s really no right answer here, and your choice when it comes to volatility depends on your playstyle. If you have a lower amount of money and time, we recommend sticking with lower volatility.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, choosing a slot doesn’t have to be a big decision. You can always play free games first, and only then go on to deposit your money. Being careful while choosing an online casino is more important. And once you do that — you can spin slots to your heart’s content!

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